How do I report an Emergency?

If you have an emergency after hours and are unable to reach your Resident Manager (if there is one at the corporation), please call our office number as listed above and the answering service will contact one of our Property Managers to assist you. Please ensure you reserve these calls for emergencies only. Generally, anything inside your home is your responsibility to repair if something goes wrong. The “Corporation” is responsible to maintain and repair all common facilities such as the exterior or envelope of the building, the parkade and all common walkways, driveways, etc. As well, the corporation normally takes care of water ingress from the outside. To ensure response as quick as possible to any emergency, it is critical for the caller to identify himself or herself, the location and nature of the emergency, and where they can be reached for additional information.

Do I need Insurance on my strata lot?

Your strata corporation carries insurance for the entire development including the structure of your strata lot and its original fixtures. However, it is highly recommended that you obtain “contents insurance” for all of your belongings and for any upgrades to the strata lot. The insurance should cover any upgrades you have installed and any upgrades installed by a previous owner. Your personal insurance agent will be able to advise you on this important issue as well as liability insurance. It is also recommended that owners have a rider on their policy to cover strata corporations deductibles in the event a loss originates within your strata lot that you are responsible for and maybe required to pay to the strata corporation as a result of a claim on the strata corporation’s insurance.

How do I keeping informed on what is happening in my Strata?

Effective and positive communication within a Strata Corporation is vital to its success. To make sure this occurs, all Owners have some very important responsibilities:

  • Remain informed. Take the time to read the minutes of the Strata Council meetings as well as the various memorandums/notices submitted to all Owners. Ensure that you attend the general meetings held each year. Information provided at general meetings, within minutes and memorandums/notices will keep you aware of ongoing matters within the development as well as specific items of concern.
  • When in doubt, ask. If you are unsure about Strata Corporation policies or have a question, contact our office and speak with your Strata Agent or a member of the Strata Council. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you in your inquiry on behalf of the Strata Corporation.

I want to submit communication or complaint to the Strata Council. How do I do that?

When possible, communicate in writing. In certain circumstances, and in particular when registering a complaint, the Strata Corporation must receive written documentation of the incident in order to take action. Similarly, when making any requests of the Strata Corporation, a written request allows the matter to be brought before the Strata Council for resolution, with a written reply on Council’s behalf to follow from the strata manager. Written communication is seldom misunderstood and provides a lasting record of what has taken place.

I want to perform an alteration to my strata lot. What do I need to do?

Owner(s) in performing an interior or exterior alteration to the limited common property or common property are required to submit a written request to Council for consideration. It is recommended that Owner(s) first consult their strata corporation’s bylaws to see if specific requirements are in place when submitting a request to perform an alteration.

Once the bylaws of the corporation have been consulted the Owner must submit a written request to the strata council seeking approval to perform the specific alteration desired in accordance with the bylaws. Owners should include specifics on the intended alteration proposed including drawings, plans, permits, contractor insurance coverage, etc. To assist Owners in their alteration application please utilize our “Strata Lot Alterations Protocol” document. This document should be completed and attached to any written request submitted.

The Owner then needs to submit their completed “written request” and “Strata Lot Alterations Protocol” to the Strata Agent who will then submit the request and all related documents submitted to Council for review, consideration and response. Once members of Council have had the chance to review the request the Council will issue further direction to the Strata Agent for response to the Owner requesting the alteration.

If the alteration is approved by Council the Agent will generate an (AOL) Assumption of Liability for the Owner(s) review and signature if the Owner is in agreement. The signed copy of the AOL is they returned to the Strata Agent for final submission to the Council, and final authorization. The Strata Agent then submits an approval letter to the strata lot Owner granting approval of the alteration as proposed or with amendments as directed by Council. The Owner can then complete the requested alteration as approved.



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