Scott Ponuick - President, Partner & Strata Agent

Scott is the President, Partner, Senior Strata Agent at Peninsula Strata Management Ltd. Licensed to work as a Strata Agent since 1998, Scott has been employed by several of the largest Strata Management companies in BC with experience managing a mixture of residential, commercial and industrial Strata Corporations.With an extensive background in operations, Scott’s hands on approach to Strata Management has allowed him to become a “specialist” in the management of newly built strata developments. Scott works directly with a number of prominent developers during the initial planning stages to ensure that the Strata Corporation’s foundation is laid for success. Mr. Ponuick has the experience necessary to manage any Corporation to the highest standards possible.

Scott has assisted and coordinated a number of major building maintenance and renovation projects including building envelope retrofits/remediation’s, roof replacements and re-pipes during his management tenure. In his spare time Scott enjoys spending time with his family exploring beautiful BC, travel and hitting the slopes to ski or trails to ride motorcycles as much as possible.

Cecilia Hu - Partner & Strata/Rental Agent, BBA, CGA, MBA – CFO, Managing Broker

Cecilia is a graduate of Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting) and the recipient of the Ken Caple Scholarship from SFU for academic excellence and community work. She holds CGA designation and was one of the top 100 on CGA-BC Honors list since 2012. She also received her Master of Business Administration through Laurentian University in 2014.

Her employment with two major strata management companies in the lower mainland have provided her with a broad experience of the property management industry since 2007. Cecilia completed her “Rental Agent” and “Strata Agent” designation in 2015 and in 2017 obtained her broker designation. During this time Cecilia has handled a portfolio of commercial and residential strata properties and is well- versed in the requirements of the Strata Property Act, Commercial Tenancy Act, and the Real Estate Act.

Peninsula Strata Management Ltd. team of local licensed Senior Strata Agents collectively possess decades of experience providing management services to residential, commercial, retail and industrial Strata Corporations within BC. They collectively possess years of experience in construction, maintenance, computer engineering and administration.

Cristin Corneille – Strata Agent

Cristin Corneille joined our team in January of 2012 after obtaining her Strata Agents license in the fall of 2011. She obtained her Bachelor of General Studies from SFU and has an extensive background in the Hotel, Food and Beverage Industry. Her work experience included being a Controller of a large chain restaurant and coordinating the opening of new restaurant locations and staff training. She also has worked with the CBC as a program assistant and a financial administrator. Cristin has been with Peninsula Strata Management for a number of years and she currently manages a portfolio consisting of a combination of condominium and townhouse complexes.

Jim Crawford – Commercial Strata Agent and Property Agent

Jim Crawford has been actively involved in the construction/development industry since 1974. His expertise has been as a Land Developer, Property Manager, Project Manager, Estimator and Site Superintendent. Over the past 38 years, Jim has been involved in major construction projects from the conceptual planning stage to the final inspection. Other responsibilities have included tendering, financing, budgeting and project control. Mr. Crawford is also fully conversant with estimating, project design and building layout. He has acquired these skills from his past experiences as an on-site Superintendent/Project Manager and has seen the successful completion of over $1 billion in projects. Projects include wood frame buildings, structural steel and industrial buildings and concrete buildings ranging from tilt-up warehousing to high rise residential towers.

Ken Drebit - Strata Agent

Peninsula Strata Management Ltd. welcomes Ken Drebit to our team of Strata Agents. Ken has been in the industry for over 15 years and is licensed as an Associate Broker, for both Rental and Strata Management. Ken’s background includes not only working as a Strata Agent but also a Managing Broker for some of the largest strata management companies in British Columbia. Ken brings with him a wide range of experience, knowledge and understanding of how to efficiently manage strata corporations. Ken has returned to his roots as a Strata Agent to enrich and coach strata corporations as they manage the operations on a day to day basis. There are 3 things which, Ken says are important to him; 1. Great Customer Service, 2. Family and 3. A Sense of Humour..

Bill Morrow - Strata Agent

Bill retired from his national management position in commercial flooring in 2017 and brings over 30 years experience in residential and commercial flooring. He is a previous LEED Green Associate and previous member of the International Living Future Institute of Vancouver. Eleven years ago, Bill joined the strata council of his condo building and the for the past 4 years has been the strata president where he has overseen major projects such as complete building exterior painting and repair, complete building interior painting, hallway carpet replacement, total building fireplace renovation etc. Since receiving his Strata Management License he has joined Peninsula Strata Management due to its outstanding reputation in the industry. Bill is passionate about working with all stakeholders to decide on a strategic plan, helping condo owners understand the ‘why’ behind strata decisions and providing excellent customer service.


Jamie Garland - Strata Agent

Jamie is a licensed Strata Agent with over 20 years of experience as an operations manager in fire protection and education. He also serves on his own strata council and understands the importance of protecting the value of a strata corporations’ assets while maintaining strong relationships with all stake holders. Jamie holds a Master of Arts in Leadership and brings a coaching approach to strata management. His interest in strata management has grown out of his involvement as a strata president and his passion to see strata corporations realize their greatest potential through collaboration and teamwork.